Commercial Litigation

Estes Davis Law provides litigation services to many local and regional businesses. The firm has considerable experience handling large-scale multi-party litigation, having represented both plaintiffs and defendants in numerous lawsuits in both state and federal court.

Our commercial litigation practice encompasses any dispute that a business might find itself confronted with.  These disputes include breach of contract, partnership/joint venture disputes, business dissolution/windup, business torts, and shareholder/derivative actions.

The Estes Davis Philosophy

At Estes Davis law, we strive to build lasting relationships with each of our business clients, and we strongly believe that the best approach to business litigation is to work in advance to avoid the need for litigation altogether.  We counsel our clients on best practices for litigation avoidance.  When litigation is unavoidable, we are also experienced in alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration.  

We are a small firm, but we believe this aspect of our practice enables us to work more effectively and diligently with our clients.  Our size also enables us to provide top-level litigation services at a fraction of the cost of large law firms.